WP1 Administration and management

  • D1.1 Project handbook - CO

WP2 Technical aspects and architecture specifications

  • D2.6 Marketplace Technical Specification

  • D2.4 Kraken intermediate technical design

  • D2.2 Intermediate KRAKEN architecture

  • D2.1 Ethical and Legal Framework Report

WP3 Decentralised Ledger Solutions: implementation core Technologies

WP4 Crypto technologies and Analytics: implementation core Technologies

WP5 Reference platform implementation, pilot's integration and validation

  • D5.1 Initial Pilot Marketplaces User Stories

WP6 Business Plan, Exploitation and sustainability

  • D6.4 Initial exploitation plan and report

  • D6.9 First Advisory Board

  • D6.6 Initial Communication report

  • D6.2 Initial Market Analysis

  • D6.1 Public project web presence

WP7 Ethical and Legal compliance

  • D7.2 Ethical and legal requirement specification

  • D7.1 Ethical and legal management report

WP8 Ethics requirements

  • D8.3 POPD - Requirement No. 5

  • D8.5 H - Requirement No. 7

  • D8.6 POPD - Requirement No. 8

  • D8.4 - GEN Requirement Nº 6

  • D8.2 POPD - Requirement No. 4

  • D8.1 H - Requirement No. 2