As part of the project, the KRAKEN consortium has involved external parties to share with them the approach, methodology, and results of the entire project. In this third and final Project Advisory Board meeting have been involved experts in different topics: from blockchain perspective to self-sovereign identity; from legal and ethical issues to business vision.

The previous Advisory Board, held in November 2021, aimed to collect feedback to address the final development steps and to discover possible areas of improvement.

The Third Advisory Board took place on November 10th and was focused on the future of the KRAKEN platform, aiming to collect feedback and suggestion from the advisors to improve the exploitation strategy.

During the meeting, we shared an overview of all the project’s achievements. A particular emphasis has been put on the development of the last year with the demonstration of some project’s use-cases.

We also shared KRAKEN exploitation plan which was the focus of the second part of the meeting.
A relevant part of the meeting has been devoted to the exploitation strategy. The advisors confirmed the choices made for the exploitation strategy and provided some relevant feedback about the definition of the price model.

Work Package
WP6 Business Plan, Exploitation and sustainability