This document states the initial report describing the current status of the cryptographic prototype implementation for KRAKEN. It is the first deliverable of Task 4.4 (T4.4), Secure implementation of cryptographic components. The objective of T4.4 is to provide the cryptographic components for the KRAKEN project.

Within this document, the current status of the Privacy-Preserving Analytics (PPA), as defined in Deliverable 2.4 (D2.4 KRAKEN intermediate technical design, November 2020), split into components, is described. Moreover, we describe our novel key sharing, which is part of the PPA, which was described in D5.3 Section 6 (D5.3 Initial KRAKEN marketplace integrated architecture document, June 2021).

We describe how to use these components, where to find them, how to deploy them, and under which license they operate.


Work Package
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