This deliverable updates the previous marketplace design content provided within D2.6 - Marketplace Technical Specification based on the adaptations, refinements and additions to the design made during the second year of the project (2021). The purpose of this is to guide the marketplace development teams in the implementation of the second prototype of the marketplace to be released and deployed in 2022, as well as serve as a reference point for the teams within the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and crypto pillars whose technologies are being integrated with the marketplace.

This document commences with the updated definition of what is in scope for the marketplace within the context of the KRAKEN project. At a high-level, it describes what is in scope for the following:

  • The two web and mobile-based Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) to be provided by the marketplace;
  • The two main user categories of organisations and institutions and individuals (data subjects);
  • The four main categories of data within the marketplace subsystem including batch data, data streams, account data and Data Product metadata;
  • The three data sharing modalities of secure data sharing, privacy-preserving analytics using Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC) and anonymized data;
  • The possible data sources for marketplace Data Products within the health and education pilots;
  • The mobile and desktop-based dynamic consent setting interfaces to be provided to users for data sharing;
  • The approach to data monetisation and payment with cryptocurrencies and fiat;
  • The approach towards contextualizing the value and pricing of data within specific use cases; and 
  • Combating malicious actors in the marketplace through Institutional / Organizational Affiliation Management, data provenance and Data Product staking.

It then moves to identify amendments and additions to the marketplace technical requirements initially identified within D2.6, and outline the marketplace system architecture, including the internal KRAKEN marketplace components, interfaces with other KRAKEN components from the SSI and crypto pillars and other components external to KRAKEN.

Finally this document closes with a description of the marketplace GUI, including a description of the functionalities envisioned to be incorporated within the KRAKEN marketplace web-based and mobile app frontends. It does this by taking the user through the entire flow of the marketplace frontend GUI, from user registration and login to data product publication, management and payment and consumption.


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WP2 Technical aspects and architecture specifications