In D6.2 “Initial Market Analysis”, we realized a benchmark analysis, with a focus on Healthcare and Educational market, finding that most of the experiences within the market stay at Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and/or are at piloting version of their solution. However, first business models emerged, considering B2B segment the most mature at this time. We considered these experiences to define our value proposition in this deliverable and a first business model approach related to the pricing model.

In general, independently from the different use cases, KRAKEN’s marketplace should be able to monetize access to highly valuable data assets, enhance security in data sharing and an easy way to guarantee GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance and empower data providers to connect directly with data consumers without intermediaries.

From the above value proposition, we also identified the customers segments, on both data seller and data consumer point of view, focusing on the segments of Education, in which Universities, Human resources department and Job Agencies are the most important customers, and Healthcare with hospital, software developers for Health Care and academic research institution as the main recipient of our value proposition.

Finally, on the business model point of view, we tried to identify the main revenues and cost streams based on the initial market analysis, tracking the different possibilities the Consortium must mitigate the “Chicken and Egg” problem.

Work Package
WP6 Business Plan, Exploitation and sustainability