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Alice and Bob

Say hi to Alice & Bob!

This is the story of two friends, Alice & Bob, exploring Euclidean algorithm, Euler's totient function and much more in a playful way that leads you to understand how cryptography and algorithms work.


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Brokerage and market platform for personal data

Facilitating the personal data sharing on the Internet by guaranteeing the preservation of privacy

KRAKEN develops a trusted and secure personal data platform with state-of-the-art privacy aware analytics methods, guaranteeing on metadata privacy, including query privacy.




Trading academic records keeping the student's privacy intact.

Education pilot

Connecting citizens and healthcare organisations through a biomedical and wellness data marketplace.

Health pilot

Technological pillars

  • The Self-Sovereign Identity paradigm, to provide a decentralized user-centric approach on personal data sharing.
  • A data marketplace, which will allow the sharing of personal data and its corresponding Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning analysis, all while preserving privacy.
  • A set of different analytic techniques based on advanced crypto tools that will permit privacy-preserving data analysis.


Get ready to receive the latest news about Kraken and any upcoming events of this Project

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Personal data marketplace platform

Facilitating the implementation of a highly trusted and secure, yet scalable and efficient personal data sharing and analysis platform by adapting state-of-the-art technologies and building on existing computing platforms (CREDENTIAL and MHMD).

Data sharing

Self-sovereign approach

Enabling decentralized, open standards-based and self-sovereign identity management and user-centric access control to personal data. The goal is to support a paradigm shift that creates a true alternative to organization-centric data management.

Crypto Tools

Privacy metrics and usable interfaces

Developing privacy metrics that provide transparency to the data provider about the precise risks, based on their configuration of the KRAKEN platform, always in easy-to-understand terms and oriented to non-technical and professional profiles.

Legal icon

Legal and Regulatory Innovation

Ensuring that all developed solutions comply with the regulatory and technical constraints, such as data protection laws, authentication frameworks, and industry standards, in order to improve the management of personal information.

App Market

To transform the KRAKEN project into reality

Demonstrating in two high-impact pilots –Health and Education- the maturity, feasibility and applicability of KRAKEN, and consolidating lessons learned for generalizing adoption in further economic sectors.

Personal data

Value-creation from personal data

Creating economic value and innovative business models for ‘personal data spaces’ and supporting the Digital Single Markets’ data economy by incentivizing parties, in particular SMEs, to actively engage in the data market.

Latest News

XLAB developed and now provides a public stand-alone MPC component developed in the context of WP4 “Crypto technologies and Analytics: implementation core Technologies”.

Stand-Alone MPC component

Today, 22 November 2022, Juan Carlos Pérez was remotely present at the EBDV Forum in Prague.

KRAKEN at EBDV Forum in Prague

KRAKEN collaborated in one of the chapters "KRAKEN: A Secure, Trusted, Regulatory-Compliant, and Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Platform". This is an

KRAKEN participates in the open access book on #Dataspaces: Design, Deployments and Future Directions

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