This document states the final report describing the user stories of the KRAKEN marketplace. It is the final deliverable of Task 5.1 User Stories refining (T5.1).

Throughout the project, the task evolved depending on the needs for Work Package 5 (WP5). The objective of WP5 is to implement the pilot marketplace for the KRAKEN infrastructure, necessary for the eHealth and education pilot. T5.1 intends to create user stories that reflect the core features of KRAKEN. Initially, the task was to refine the identified use-cases by the proposal. Later, the task evolved mainly to contacting real-world persons and institutions to get information on the problems they face and how we, as a project, may help solve them.

As the task description premised, we followed a user-driven approach. In the later stages of the task, the main focus shifted to creating user stories and refining the core features of the KRAKEN platform. During the lifetime of the task, we were able to create a total of 303 user stories. Additionally, at the time of writing, we managed to complete 63% of those user stories. This document will give some examples of user stories that the WP used to advance their work.

Furthermore, we will complement the first deliverable of this task, Deliverable 5.1 (D5.1 Initial Pilot Marketplaces User stories, delivered in August 2021)[7], with the information we gathered after finishing the initial deliverable. This completion includes our final survey results and the last conducted interview.


Work Package
WP5 Reference platform implementation, pilot's integration and validation