The KRAKEN marketplace builds upon and enhances existing technologies developed in two projects; the Streamr and MyHealthMyData (MHMD) projects. The Streamr Project is a well-known web3 project that is building a fully decentralised and open infrastructure for real-time data sharing and data monetization. The MHMD project is the result of a Horizon 2020 research and innovation action which aimed at establishing an open biomedical information system centred on the connection between organisations and individuals.

The aim of the KRAKEN marketplace is to realise a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant infrastructure that allows individuals and organisations within the project’s two pilot sectors to protect, share and trade trusted biomedical, wellbeing and educational data with interested third parties. It securely connects providers and consumers of high-quality batch datasets and real-time data streams and leverages a dual-blockchain solution to enforce the business and legal logic behind all data transactions and facilitate payment between data providers and data consumers.

This document presents the initial technical specification for the core component of the KRAKEN platform; the marketplace subsystem. The KRAKEN project has adopted an Agile approach based on the SCRUM methodology with periodical sprints and sessions to develop the user stories for the marketplace. Therefore, at the end of each sprint, the marketplace design and specifications are re-evaluated and refined. This document therefore forms the initial basis for the final design and specification of the marketplace which will be presented in D2.7 - Design for Marketplace Reference Implementations, which is programmed for January 2022. Included within this document is an initial definition of what is within the scope of the KRAKEN marketplace, its functional requirements and performance requirements, its technical specifications and architectural design, and the additional features and functionality to be added to the marketplace UI.  

The main goal of this deliverable is to guide the implementation of the marketplace by the design and development teams within TEX and Lynkeus. But it shall also serve as a reference point for the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and crypto teams to aid their development and integration with the marketplace.

Work Package
WP2 Technical aspects and architecture specifications