The KRAKEN project has adopted an Agile approach based on the SCRUM methodology with periodical sprints. This report is a screenshot of the main results at the moment of its edition, defining the master lines of the blueprint design produced by KRAKEN within the tasks T2.3 Self-sovereign Identity specifications and T2.4. Cryptographic tools and analytic engine specifications.

With regards to the Self-Sovereign Identity results, this report defines in detail not only the main components involved in the development of a Self-Sovereign Identity solution but also those external components and actors that will interact with it closely. It takes into consideration the connection to external components to obtain a high level of Assurance Identity (from eIDAS) and it details the functionality for backing up the secret material necessary for the usual use of a Self-Sovereign Identity solution in multiple devices. In addition, this report shows the main results obtained from the software analysis performed by the Consortium in order to choose the final underlaying framework for the development of a KRAKEN solution. It also defines a first tentative mobile Graphical User Interface for the end user and the basic storylines where this solution will be used. Furthermore, this report summarizes the Consortium contacts with eSSIF and EBSI organisations and the proposed solutions to establish a liaison between these bodies and the KRAKEN project.

Besides Self-Sovereign Identity components, this report describes the Privacy-Preserving Analytics (PPA) components that enable privacy-enhanced data analyses. Using cryptographic techniques an architecture that enables the evaluation of the functions on the encrypted data has been designed and prototyped. In this report, we give an overview of the architecture and prototype API.

Work Package
WP2 Technical aspects and architecture specifications