Final release of the Kraken marketplace - Review of co

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Privacy-preserving analytics

Privacy-preserving analytics

Education pilot status
KRAKEN's education pilot allows university students to trade their academic records in a privacy-preserving way, and recruitment agencies to acquire this data and process it whi

Education pilot status

KRAKEN incorporates cutting-edge cryptography to achieve its goal of a user-centered marketplace

Continuous Testing of Cryptography

Increasing Privacy for Emerging Identity Management Models with Dr. Stephan Krenn and Dr. Sebastian Ramacher
Digital identities play a vital and significant role in an online world.

Increasing Privacy for Emerging Identity Management Models

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Usability and user acceptance of Data Sharing Platforms

KRAKEN's first users evaluation results

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KRAKEN's ambition of developing a secure and privacy-friendly market platform for personal, potentially sensitive, data poses multiple challenges regarding privacy and confident

Secure computation on sensitive data in KRAKEN

blockchain platform
By recognizing the several advantages of blockchain-based data sharing platforms, in recent years both academics and practitioners have mainly focused on analyz

The design challenge: key drivers of consumers’ adoption of data sharing platforms

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With the close of the first full year into this innovation project, consortium member TX – Tomorrow Explored has provided an update on the progress of the marketplace pillar to date.

Recap of the year 2020 in KRAKEN