UX Texters campaign


KRAKEN provides a decentralized user-centric approach for personal data sharing, focusing on Self-Sovereign Identity, also known as #SSI, which translates into people having the final decision about when, how and who access their generic and more sensitive information and at which extent and for how long they allow it.

It also provides to all the subjects involved the possibility of monetizing this information to enable medical research advances and job seeking processes in an easy, everywhere available format while guaranteeing secure and private exchange of data. 

KRAKEN is a data platform for both exchanging it and analyzing it. And for both users and private and public companies, such as talent recruiters, academic supervisors and health researchers. 

Your data is yours

KRAKEN is also a European Commission funded project with high societal values as its principle and as its objective. That means our work responds to ethical demands, our development takes into account GDPR requirements not only because it is legally imposed but as a core value to work with, not as a threat. 

We care about personal data belonging completely to you. We give back control to citizens

As stated before, our teams across 6 European countries work together to accelerate digitalization being accessible for everyone on their smart devices. We prioritize a user-centric application.

The recruitment of UX testers is over!

The project is coming to an end, and we would like to thank all the volunteers who collaborated with KRAKEN and our FBK consortium partner from Italy. Thanks to you we can ensure that our platform is really designed to be useful for each of our users from the first seconds of interaction.