This technical document presents the final logical architecture that governs the overall design and deliverables production associated with the KRAKEN project. While the main goal of the previous architecture design document (D2.2 intermediate KRAKEN architecture [17]) was “to provide a highlevel overview of the various software components required to deliver the overall functionality”, this new version of architecture design offers a detailed and more mature view of the software components, this view has been completed over a series of software-design/architecture-design iterations which brought enhancements and refinements of the architectural design of the whole KRAKEN platform. Since the presentation of D2.2, the KRAKEN architecture has evolved by integrating the contributions of the three pillars: SSI, Crypto and Marketplace, into a KRAKEN Marketplace as a whole. To distinguish it from the pillar “Marketplace”, the “Marketplace as a whole” will be called in this document "KRAKEN Marketplace platform" or shortly, the “KRAKEN platform”. Using a building analogy, we can say that, on the pillars of KRAKEN, we have designed and are building a house: The KRAKEN platform.

An important fact to be highlighted is that, though each pillar provides its own innovations, in KRAKEN is also innovative how the contributions from the pillars are used in the processes of the platform. The platform will be engaged in both KRAKEN pilots, the Health and Education pilots, configurating it to use different product catalogues.

In addition to the platform, in KRAKEN were also designed pillars’ specific software components, components not used directly by the KRAKEN platform’s processes but useful for pillar’s related purposes: i.e. Ledger uSelf Mobile app, KRAKEN Web Company Tool (KWCT), KRAKEN Trusted Issuer Registry (KTIR), the Secret Manager and the external remote storage backup server for recovery and synchronization purposes of SSI data. The results of this deliverable will be the main input for the final technical design of the KRAKEN platform to be delivered in January 2022.

Work Package
WP2 Technical aspects and architecture specifications