Student data is protected by privacy-preserving cryptography and authenticated using self-sovereign identity solutions.

This pilot allows university students to trade their academic records in a privacy-preserving way, and recruitment agencies to acquire this data and process it, keeping the student's privacy intact. 

bookshelf illustrating the education pilot of KRAKEN

Universities produce academic data of students, such as graduation certificates, certificates for each course, and the enrollment status for individual terms. With KRAKEN, a student can export their data into a cloud data wallet and offer it on a data marketplace. By using privacy-preserving cryptography, such as Functional Encryption and multi-party computing, a recruitment service provider can purchase a set of student data and use it for analytics, without invading the privacy of individual students. Additionally, KRAKEN uses self-sovereign identity solutions to always ensure user consent and a link between university/student and their data in a privacy-friendly way.


  • To connect KRAKEN to real university Student-Information System (SIS).
  • To define formats to export and share student data (grades, diploma) in a secure and privacy-preserving way.
  • To allow authentication of students via eIDAS (or SSI identities derived from eIDAS identities) to provide user consent.
  • To allow authentication of student data by using a decentralized SSI ledger.
  • To allow privacy-preserving data analytics on student data using FE and MPC cryptography.
  • To demonstrate the applicability of KRAKEN architecture in general.
  • To verify that design of KRAKEN components can be applied to a real-world use case.

Benefits & beneficiaries

  • Students: using student data for job applications and allowing to share and demonstrate data in a modular way without compromising the rest of the data.
  • University: possibility to exchange student data while ensuring the students' privacy.
  • Recruiter: making analysis of student data sets, e.g., gain insight into the academic performance of an individual student by comparing it with analytic of the data set.
  • Companies: facilitating the search for new talent during the selection processes.


  • Legal challenges: export of student data in a GDPR-compliant way, enabling user consent and privacy.
  • Technical challenges: connect the existing SIS to KRAKEN, define formats; combine the building blocks provided by KRAKEN to encrypt, authenticate and analyze encrypted data; define data analytics system for the student data; connect to one or more data marketplaces; connect to the existing or new SSI ledger.


UC5 University Produces Academic Data


The university offers a service to students for requesting VCs (Verifiable Credentials), requiring strong authentication by using eID means through the connection with the eIDAS network.

The University can generate VCs including student graduation certificates (bachelor's or master's degree), certificates of attended courses or enrolment status. These VCs are digitally available and easily verifiable authenticity by cryptographic means.

The university generates a VC with the selected student's academic data. The VC will be stored in the student's SSI wallet and backed-up on their SSI cloud wallet and can be shared with other organizations.

USE CASE #5: University produces academic data

UC6 Recruitment Service & Academic Data


The VC generated by the University containing the selected student's academic data are stored in the student's SSI wallet and can be shared with other organizations. The content of the SSI Wallet can be backed-up on their SSI cloud wallet, allowing the student to use different devices and recover the VCs if the mobile is lost or stolen.

The students can apply to positions presenting the degree VC. The recruitment of candidates will be carried out through an Online Company Recruiting Service.

After submitting the degree VC, the HR (Human Resources) system can reliably verify the validity of the VC via the KRAKEN trusted environment.

The HR department collects applications to support an HR expert in assessing the qualification of applicants according to the desired profiles and find the best match accordingly.

USE CASE #6: Recruitment service buys academic data

UC7 Processing of Academic Data


The university shares academic data through the KRAKEN platform. The data can be signed as proof of authenticity The marketplace offers to data consumers statistics related to different courses or schools, while preserving the student's Privacy. The data will be treated with privacy-preserving techniques such as SMPC, so as not to reveal the identity of the student, but to facilitate the analysis.

SMPC allows statistical analyses to be performed on academic data provided by the university, for example, to calculate the average mark of a class.

USE CASE #7: Academic Data Processing

Video demo

The demonstration of the different use cases of the health and education pilots have been recorded for dissemination purpose.


UC5 University Produces Academic Data

UC6 Recruitment Service & Academic Data

UC7 Processing of Academic Data