Tilen Marc - XLAB

XLAB developed and now provides a public stand-alone MPC component developed in the context of WP4 “Crypto technologies and Analytics: implementation core Technologies”.

The MPC Service allows deploying a multi-party computation service. It implements Go based services that can play a role of an MPC node, or a data provider able to participate in an MPC protocol evaluating a function in a privacy-preserving way. Moreover, a manager (meeting point) of the service is implemented, providing a web interface for requesting computations and handling connections between data providers and MPC nodes. The manager serves purely as a connector and an interface, and has no access to the data.

The service needs minimal effort to be deployed (not only locally, but also over WAN), since it is fully dockerized. It uses SCALE-MAMBA as the underlying MPC library.

The code was developed for the KRAKEN project where an MPC service was deployed for evaluating privacy preserving computations in a data market. This is a stand-alone version of it, that could be used in other scenarios. The code is licensed under the MIT license.