The work in Work Package 4 (WP4) is mainly concerned with the cryptographic tools employed as part of KRAKEN. Within WP4, the focus lies on the cryptographic design and analysis, as well as efficient and secure implementations of thereof. This deliverable, D4.1 Progress report on cryptographic protocols for privacy-preserving data markets and SSI systems, describes the research efforts as conducted to build a privacy-preserving and authenticity-preserving KRAKEN architecture.

The goal of this deliverable is to give a high-level overview of research results on cryptographic tools affecting the KRAKEN architecture. The final version of the report on research on cryptographic primitives, schemes and protocols will be released as D4.2 Final research report on cryptographic protocols for privacy preserving data markets and SSI systems in May 2022. The research results presented as part of D4.1 are motivated by the requirements and needs defined in other work packages. Specifically, work packages 2 (for the overall architecture), 5 (for the data marketplace) and 3 (for the self-sovereign identity aspects) and their deliverables D5.1 Initial Pilot Marketplaces User Stories, D3.1 Self sovereign identity solution. First release, D2.2 Intermediate KRAKEN architecture, and D2.4 KRAKEN intermediate technical design serve as main inputs for this deliverable.

At the same time, the results of this deliverable influences design decisions that must be made regarding the architecture as well as features to be integrated in KRAKEN. Therefore, this deliverable will serve as inputs to the forthcoming deliverables D2.5 KRAKEN final technical design, D5.4 Final KRAKEN marketplace integrated architecture document, D3.2 Self sovereign identity solution. Final release, and D4.4 Final implementation of cryptographic libraries. This report relates to Tasks 4.1 to 4.3 of WP4: Task 4.1 provides design and research in the area of endto-end-secure data sharing; between, e.g., a data producer and a data consumer via a marketplace (like the one of KRAKEN). Task 4.2 provides design and research in the area of privacy-preserving as well as authenticity-preserving data analytics, of, e.g., many data producers for a (dedicated) data consumer, such that the consumer gets only the analysis result, and all that while the (KRAKEN) marketplace learn neither the input data nor the result. Task 4.3 provides research and enhancement opportunities in the area of (KRAKEN’s) cryptographic aspects of self-sovereign identity (SSI). Finally, we outline ongoing research and future work within these areas.


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