KRAKEN aims to deliver a trusted and secure personal data platform with state-of-the-art privacy-aware analytic methods, guaranteeing the metadata privacy and query privacy. The project has the potential to become the key platform of sharing, brokerage, or trading sensitive personal data with a user-centred approach. It is a cloud-based and privacy-preserving platform suitable for securely storing, managing, and sharing of self-sovereign identity information and other personal data.

To effectively approach this challenge, the Consortium needs to realize a solid business model to guarantee feasibility, scalability, and interest by the market. To achieve this goal, it is important to understand the blockchain and digital identity landscape, with a focus on the market segments we are considering for the two pilots: HealthCare and Education. Despite the hype and the interest around blockchain, the market is far from answering “how to gain money with digital identity” using blockchain advantages that became clear in the cryptocurrency world over the last years.

For this reason, it is essential to understand which the most important market trends are, which kind of solutions have been introduced into the market so far, and, of course, in which way actual players have addressed some of the problems KRAKEN is trying to answer through the entire project:

  • Is it possible to guarantee security and privacy within a personal data platform?
  • Which is the real value to unlock for users to “convince” them to participate in this transformation?
  • How to involve companies in creating a network to exchange verified user information and let them gain money?

In this deliverable, we will take a snapshot of the actual experiences at a global level, with a deep focus on HealthCare and Education. The results found will lead the Consortium in defining the business model and business plan.


Work Package
WP6 Business Plan, Exploitation and sustainability