The main objective of the Work Package 3 is to provide the tools needed for easing the personal data sharing between different stakeholders and for access management, by following a decentralized and self-sovereign approach.

The Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) prototype provided in this deliverable 3.1 contains the description of the components identified for building the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solution which is one of the three key pillars of the KRAKEN platform. The KRAKEN consortium has considered the compatibility with ESSIF including ESSIF/EBSI services in the “Trusted Framework” components.

The document provides a description of the components identified on the tasks of WP3 related to SSI. T3.1 “Verifiable Credential management tools” produces the components for the verifiable credentials (VCs) management, including the creation and validation of VCs leveraging eIDAS compliance. T3.2 “Universal Ledger Resolver” provides the components for facilitating the integration of the SSI solutions for VC resolution, including the use of several ledgers.

Moreover, deals with the Trusted Framework for issuers, schema and DID and revocation. T3.3 “Edge Tools for the Decentralised Identity Solution” provides the components for integrating SSI solutions with the Service Providers (SPs) services, such as a mobile app with the SSI functionalities. T3.4 “SSI Wallet Management” delivers the components assuring the secure cloud-based storage system of protected personal data leveraging cryptographic mechanisms. The final version of the SSI tools will be released in May 2022 as D3.2 Self sovereign identity solution final release.


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