The KRAKEN marketplace is designed to allow the highest level of control over personal and institutional data assets by their legitimate subjects and/or controllers, i.e. data sellers, and the most efficient and costs-effective way to access such resources by buyers, i.e. data users. The design is strongly focused on decentralized, integrated architectures in the areas of identity management, data access permissioning and transaction management, rather than centralized control by third parties.

The architecture leverages state-of-the-art trends in the area of distributed, peer to peer networks and new security paradigms. Multiple permissioned blockchains are interconnected and integrated with both application layers and data protection infrastructures. The current scope defines all key aspect of the marketplace architecture. Areas currently being designed include the Kraken mobile app and detailed integration of the Secure Multiparty Computation system for distributed analytics.


Work Package
WP5 Reference platform implementation, pilot's integration and validation