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Data Spaces: Design, Deployment and Future Directions

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Within this document, the final status of the Privacy-Preserving Analytics (PPA) solution, as defined in the Final technical design (D2.5), split into components, is described.

D4.4 Final implementation of cryptographic libraries

This document describes the research efforts as conducted to build a privacy-preserving and authenticity-preserving KRAKEN architecture.

D4.2 Final research report on cryptographic protocols for privacy-preserving data markets and SSI systems

The KRAKEN data model is a key component of the marketplace and the platform at large, linking and standardizing key information about users and data products across workflows a

D3.4 Final Data model and ledger for biomedical marketplace

This document provides the tools needed for facilitating personal data sharing between different actors and for access management leveraging the self-sovereign paradigm.

D3.2 Self-Sovereign Identity Solution Final Release

Infographics by use cases
In this space, you will find the infographics that summarise the information of each KRAKEN use case.

Infographics by use cases

It's official: KRAKEN is coming to an end and achieving its goals!

Second Press release - KRAKEN pilots preparation

This deliverable updates the previous marketplace design content provided within D2.6 - Marketplace Techni

D2.7 Design for Marketplace Reference Implementations

The intermediate architecture was described in D5.3 which focused primarily on the integration of the SSI components, the design of the front-end and bac

D5.4 Final KRAKEN marketplace integrated architecture document