Digital identities play a vital role in an increasingly digital world. These identities often rely on central authorities to issue and manage them.

Privacy-Preserving eID Derivation to Self-Sovereign Identity Systems with Offline Revocation

In the recent years, many research lines on Functional Encryption (FE) have been suggested and studied regarding the functionality, security, or efficiency.

Efficient Lattice-Based Inner-Product Functional Encryption

The KRAKEN project aims to enable the sharing, brokerage, and trading of personal data including sensitive data (e.g., educational and health records and wellbeing data from wea

KRAKEN: A Secure, Trusted, Regulatory-Compliant, and Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing Platform

Personal data is an attractive source of insights for a diverse field of research and business. While our data is highly valuable, it is often privacy-sensitive.

YOU SHALL NOT COMPUTE on my Data: Access Policies for Privacy-Preserving Data Marketplaces and an Implementation for a Distributed Market using MPC

Quasi-adaptive non-interactive zero-knowledge (QA-NIZK) arguments are NIZK arguments where the common reference string (CRS) is allowed to depend on the language and they can be

Subversion-Resistant Quasi-adaptive NIZK and Applications to Modular Zk-SNARKs

The EU Horizon 2020 KRAKEN project is dedicated to building a trusted and secure personal data platform enabling exchange and analytics of personal data.

KRAKEN - Brokerage and Market Platform for Personal Data

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Within this document, the final status of the Privacy-Preserving Analytics (PPA) solution, as defined in the Final technical design (D2.5), split into components, is d

D4.4 Final implementation of cryptographic libraries

This document describes the research efforts as conducted to build a privacy-preserving and authenticity-preserving KRAKEN architecture.

D4.2 Final research report on cryptographic protocols for privacy-preserving data markets and SSI systems

The KRAKEN data model is a key component of the marketplace and the platform at large, linking and standardizing key information about users and data products across workfl

D3.4 Final Data model and ledger for biomedical marketplace