Davide Zaccagnini & Beatrice Bressan

The  recently concluded Kraken health pilot brought to light the value created by the project  since its inception. A group of highly engaged users interacted with the platform and utility apps over the course of three weeks yielding strongly positive feedback on both the current implantation and its potential. 90% of participants expressed strong interest in engaging as either data providers or data users, while 70% would receive financial value in exchange for their data, both clear indicators that, once privacy is protected, incentives remain a key enabler of a thriving data infrastructure. 


80% of Kraken users considered the platform's privacy protection capabilities, and particularly the distributed analytics functions, the right solution for scaling their research beyond the time consuming and costly data sharing procedures currently in use in clinical studies, demonstrating the technical viability of the platform. 

The recent advent of the Data Governance Act, in the meanwhile, has provided the legal framework under which privacy-preserving solutions such as Kraken will provide scalable and robust data ecosystems in biomedicine.