Silvia Gabrielli, Stephan Krenn, Donato Pellegrino, Juan Carlos Pérez Baún, Pilar Pérez Berganza, Sebastian Ramacher & Wim Vandevelde

The KRAKEN project aims to enable the sharing, brokerage, and trading of personal data including sensitive data (e.g., educational and health records and wellbeing data from wearable devices) by returning its control to both data subjects/data providers throughout the entire data lifecycle. The project is providing a data marketplace which will allow the sharing of personal data and its usage for research and business purposes, by using privacy-preserving cryptographic tools. KRAKEN is developing an advanced platform to share certified information between users and organizations by leveraging on distributed ledger technology, promoting the vision of self-sovereign identity solutions (ensuring users’ consent and data control in a privacy-friendly way), preserving security, privacy, and the protection of personal data in compliance with EU regulations (e.g., GDPR). The feasibility of the KRAKEN solution will be tested through two high-impact pilots in the education and healthcare fields.