Sharing and acquisition of Health and Wellbeing Data.
Help us to optimize our future personal data marketplace!

Sharing and acquisition of HEALTH AND WELLBEING DATA: understanding modalities, needs, challenges and expectations

KRAKEN is launching a web survey to investigate modalities, needs, challenges and expectations of stakeholders involved in the acquisition, sharing and monetization of health and well-being data, for driving an optimal design and implementation of its future personal data marketplace in response to users’ needs.

The survey is thus directed to professionals in the areas of clinical research and care, insurance, AI and data-driven innovation, medical device development and much more. After completing the survey, professionals are given the possibility to stay in touch with the project, participating in a live interview and receiving future updates, and take part as pioneer users of the future data marketplace.

The survey is available HERE and takes about 15 minutes to complete. We invite everyone to give us his/her opinion and share it with their colleagues in order to reach as many professionals as possible, contributing to the implementation of a most efficient and user-driven data sharing platform, driving innovation and economic growth. We value your contribution and look forward to sharing news, insights and updates on the KRAKEN project!