Streamr technology central to KRAKEN project

Streamr technology central to EU data sharing initiative

KRAKEN, the EU-funded H2020 health and education data sharing and monetization project, has reported on how it will integrate the varying legal requirements across different European jurisdictionsStreamr’s marketplace and network technology will provide the basis for GDPR-compliant KRAKEN data sharing, selling and transportation, implemented by Streamr’s consulting arm TX.

In principle personal data monetization is not prohibited under the GDPR. But several provisions  in  the GDPR  allow  Member  States  to introduce  more  specific  rules and  limitations. And these additional legal restrictions have to be taken into account  when  analysing  the  possibility  to  monetize  and  transact personal data  in  the  EU. This pertains in particular to data concerning health

KRAKEN aims to enable safe sharing, brokerage, and trading of potentially sensitive personal information, by returning control to individuals across the data lifecycle. 

The team of 10 partners from seven EU countries, including digital transformation leader Atos, is developing a secure, compliant control platform with state-of-the-art privacy capabilities, including guarantees on metadata and query privacy.

Streamr’s marketplace and network technology will integrate into KRAKEN’s self sovereign identity (SSI) system, through which users will access the system and manage their data. KRAKEN has been designed to optimize user trust through complete GDPR compliance.

Henri Pihkala, Streamr’s founder and CEO explains further: “In order to ensure GDPR-compliant transactions in the marketplace, users must be securely identifiable within the system so rich consent can operate - whereby individuals control what data they trade, and with whom.

“We’re excited to provide KRAKEN with our secure data transportation and sharing infrastructure. The integrated system uses several cryptographic technologies to enhance security, including data encryption for transport across the Streamr network.”

Juan Carlos Pérez, Researcher & Project Manager at Atos’ Blockchain, Identity & Privacy Unit added: “Our aim is to develop a secure data exchange platform that guarantees the protection and privacy of users and data providers and that complies with current legislation and quality standards.”

KRAKEN also enables several privacy protections around data sharing, such as the ability to access data without truly accessing it, and run analytics with using data but not accessing it. 

Going forward the European data strategy proposes, among other measures, to adopt legislative measures on data governance, access, and re-use, making data more widely available, and empowering data subjects to stay in control of their data through the upcoming EU Data Act


Streamr ( is the leading marketplace and decentralized network for real-time data. The distributed, open-source, software project was founded in 2017 with the mission of creating a platform to trade and distribute information, while allowing people to regain control of the data they produce. 

Through its Data Union concept, individuals can crowd sell their information on the Streamr network along with their fellow union members. Designed for safe data delivery and exchange, it is scalable, low-latency and secure.

Data Union members can monetize their Google search history, what they’ve been shopping for on Amazon or even what type of coffee their smart coffee machine's been brewing.

This data is extremely valuable for marketers, new market entrants, hedge funds, researchers and many more. Streamr believes that society will be better off when the value from, and control over, our data is decentralized away from a few giant corporations.

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