As part of the project, KRAKEN consortium has involved external parties to share with them the approach, methodology and results of the entire project.

D6.10 Second Advisory Board

KRAKEN aims to provide a trustworthy and secure platform for personal data with state-of-the-art data protection methods that ensure both metadata and query dat

D6.7 Initial Communication, dissemination and standardization report

This document is the first deliverable of T5.5 of WP5, aimed to provide initial results from the evaluation of the KRAKEN platform and, specifically, of the mar

D5.7 KRAKEN marketplace testing and validation first report

This document describes the current software of the initial KRAKEN marketplace implementation, covering all modules, programs and tools used for the marketplace first release.

D5.5 KRAKEN Marketplace First Release

The KRAKEN marketplace is designed to allow the highest level of control over personal and institutional data assets by their legitimate subjects and/or control

D5.3 Initial KRAKEN marketplace integrated architecture document

This document states the final report describing the user stories of the KRAKEN marketplace.

D5.2 Final Pilot Marketplaces User stories

This document states the initial report describing the current status of the cryptographic prototype implementation for KRAKEN.

D4.3 Prototype implementation of cryptographic libraries

The work in Work Package 4 (WP4) is mainly concerned with the cryptographic tools employed as part of KRAKEN.

D4.1 Progress report on cryptographic protocols for privacy-preserving data markets and SSI systems

The KRAKEN data model is a key component of the marketplace and the platform at large, linking work and data flows and front-end functionalities.

D3.3 Data model and ledger for biomedical marketplace. First release.

The main objective of the Work Package 3 is to provide the tools needed for easing the personal data sharing between different stakeholders and for access manag

D3.1 Self-Sovereign Identity Solution First Release